“Bulgaria should stage Equinox like a harmonized group”

The first live performance of ‘Bones’, the song that Equinox will perform for Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, has received a warm reception. However, to be really successful in Lisbon, they should stage the group like a natural harmonic group

, says professional gambler Daniel Gould.

The artistic design in the staging will be done by Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who also did the job for Bulgaria last year. However, according to Daniel Gould, she has a tough job ahead of her.

“These five artists are so different. Sacha Jean-Baptiste needs to make the staging in a way that it makes sense. It should make sense that these five people are together, singing this song, on stage”. Says Daniel Gould in the podcast which you can listen below.

Vocals of Bulgaria impressive, Russia in deep trouble

Not only Bulgaria showcased their vocal capabilities for the first time, last weekend. Also Ireland and Russia saw their artists doing their songs at a live-gig for the first time.

And whilst Bulgaria and Ireland made a good impression, Russia seems to be in deep trouble: “It has to be said that Bulgaria used a lot of play-back, but Russia was a total carcrash. However, sometimes this is a good wake-up call. Russia now knowns what needs to be done. I expect it to be better when we actually enter the rehearsal stage in Lisbon”, says Daniel Gould.