Bulgaria: Todor Gadjalov to enter Bulgarian selection

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Finalist in ‘The Voice of Bulgaria’, Todor Gadjalov, has announced his intention to participate in the upcoming Bulgarian selection, which will determine the Bulgarian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

Twenty year old Bulgarian singer Todor Gadjalov was mentored on ‘The Voice of Bulgaria’ by Bulgarian representative of 2010, Miro, where he made the final and finished in fourth place.

Todor confirmed his plans to enter the Bulgarian selection on Bulgarian website signal.bg; “I can say that will participate in selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with my new song. This was decided two or three days ago”.

The young singer is currently a student at the Music Academy in Sofia has applied to the Bulgarian selection with his song “Still Love You”.

Below you can view the duet performance of Todor and Miro in ‘The Voice of Bulgaria’.


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