Bulgaria withdraws from the Eurovision Song Contest

Bulgaria will not take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The broadcaster BNT is basing its decision on financial reasons, “because the costs of the project far exceed the financial capacity of BNT according to the Management of the broadcaster”.

In recent years, Bulgaria became a very successful nation in the biggest music competition in the world. After not taking part in 2014 and 2015, the country came back with a fourth place for Poli Genova and a second place for Kristian Kostov (pictured above). At the most recent contest in Lisbon, Bulgaria ended up in 12th place with ‘Bones’ by Equinox.

Head of Press Vasil Ivanov is sad, but proud on what his team has achieved in the last years. “Our team achieved a lot and turned Bulgaria in one of the most successful Eurovision countries the past 3 years. We changed the perception of the contest in #Bulgaria and tripled our ratings. A huge thank you to our young press and communications team, who gave their all! Bulgaria will not take part in Eurovision 2019, but our journey continues! As Head of Press I promise to keep the ESC spirit alive in my country. This is not the last you see from our team. We will return better and stronger!”