Who can stop Ieva Zasimauskaitė from winning in Lithuania?

After six heats, an online voting round and two semi finals, we finally have the conclusion of Eurovizijos Atranka in Lithuania. And the funny thing is: a song from the very first show, might win it all!

It looks like there is no match for Ieva Zasimauskaitė and her song ‘When we’re old’. However, in this preview, we will look at all six acts and try to make a prediction of what to expect this Sunday in Lithuania.

Ieva Zasimauskaitė – When we’re old (24 points in the semi)

Ieva won the very first show of Eurovizijos (on the 6th of January!) grabbing both the maximum result from televote and jury. She has been the big favourite ever since. Every time she got on stage, her performance and vocals got even better. Even up to the point she made jury member Monika Linkytė cry on television, because she found the performance so beautiful.

In the staging Ieva is now turning to a large screen, where images of old people (her grandparents?) is being shown. It makes the message of the song even more powerful. Is there anyone who can stopped Ieva from winning on Sunday? Let’s hope not. Is she going to give Lithuania the best result ever t Eurovision? It is possible, finally wiping out ‘We are the winners’ from 2006 (sixth place in Athens).

Jurgis Brūzga – 4Love (22 points in the semi)

Jurgis also made some improvements to his staging, when we look back at his first presentation of ‘4Love’. He is now opening his act before a big bowl of light, before joining the other dancers in a slick routine.

Jurgis Brūzga has been a jury favourite from the start. His relation with televoters has been more difficult, however, in the later rounds he seemed to have won them over. There is just one little problem though. In all these shows, he has never been matched up against Zasimauskaitė. This Sunday will be the first time they meet… Bring it on!

The Roop – Yes, I Do (19 points in the semi)

The lead singer starts his song, witting in a meditate position. He gets up for the chorus and we see the rest of the band. The acts opens strong, which has been the same ever since the first heats. However, the three minutes still seem like a drag.

The Lithuanian jury has never shown a high appreciation of ‘Yes, I Do’, throughout this season. The televote, however, always let them advance to the next round, even making it to the final. Which seems to be their final destination.

Monika Marija – The Truth (17 points in the semi)

Monika Marija is a former winner of The Voice and very popular in the televote throughout this campaign. We she was paired to Ieva in the last couple of weeks however, she came in second. The jury also did not gave her the full 12 points, as we came closer to the end.

This type of song can easily be staged, and we did not see a lot of changes in the last months. And it has to be said, ‘The Truth’ is a good song for Monika to showcase her vocal capabilities, but it is lacking something unique and a hook to be able to stand out in the final of Eurovizijos Atranka. Let alone, the big Eurovision Song Contest.

Paula Valentaitė – 1 2 3 (16 points in the semi)

Paula was a finalist last year as well and wants to do even better in that final this year, with a song co-written by Donny Montell. She made some big changes to her song and performance, when compared to the first runthrough. A lot of musical components have been scrapped from the act, and now ‘1 2 3’ is almost an a capella song at some points.

I don’t think it is an improvement. For people who hear the song for the first time, the lyrical tone scale tricks by Paula can come across a bit strange. Especially since she starts the song with it. A jury might like it (suddenly she got more jury points than televote points) but this is not an improvement. I am confident Paula will get to go to Eurovision some day, but this is not the best song for her to do this.

Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – That Girl (16 points in the semi)

Kotryna looks like a whole different person, with another style of clothing and glasses, compared to her first performance. The volume of the beat throughout the song has also been increased. She had to do that, because her first qualification was a narrow one.

Last year, with ‘Love Shadow‘, Kotryna came close to the Eurovision stage. I doubt if she will finish in the top-3 in Lithuania again.