Carousel wins Supernova 2019 in Latvia

Carousel has won the final of Supernova 2019 today in Latvia and will therefore also represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. Makus Riva was the runner-up.

Carousel will represent Latvia with her slow-tempo song “That night”. She has also won the semi-final in which she participated and was one of the favourites.

One of the other favourites, Markus Riva, who has been participating in the Latvian talent show since 2014, ended on the second place. His big rival Edgars Kreilis ended on the 6th place.

Watch Carousel perform their Eurovision song “That night”

Full results of Supernova 2019

  1. Carousel – “That Night”
  2. Markus Riva – “You Make Me So Crazy”
  3. Laime Pliniga – “Awe”
  4. Double Faced Eels – “Fire”
  5. Dzili Violets ft. Kozmens – “Tautadziesma”
  6. Edgars Kreilis – “Cherry Absinthe”
  7. Samanta Tina – “Cutting the Wire”
  8. Aivo Oskis – “Somebody’s Got My Lover”

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  1. Excellent work Latvia!

    This will be a good feel-good quality time between Eurovision’s firework and multi-coloured costumes. They may be just different with a chorus that is easy to remember.

    And, I do like it. A lot.

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