Fans dislike idea of China in Eurovision

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest are not fond of the idea that China will be part of the contest in some way in the near future. They react on the news of this week that Hunan Television would like to be included in the contest.

Not necessarily as a ‘real’ contender, like Australia, but also as interval-act or short video promo. But many fans of the contest reply on our Facebook-account that they don’t like the idea by the Chinese broadcaster.

Daniel Cobbett says: “Australia took part after broadcasting it in TV after many many years. China taking part would be a step too far for me.” And Mark Kirikud adds: “3 decades of broadcast in Australia… I think once China & other non European nations broadcast for at least a decade or 2 & have a proven fan base they could be invited…”

Some fans also see options for the future, like Krís Qaj: “It would be amazing!! I mean Eurovision across the borders – China has such a beautiful culture, imagine this country being part at Eurovision! There could be plenty options how to implant this nation! “

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