China: ‘We want to be a part of Eurovision’

Broadcaster Hunan Television has the ambition to be part in the Eurovision Song Contest in the future. ‘If there is any chance for us to be more engaged with ESC, we will take that chance,’ says Jin Lei from the Chinese broadcaster to

The 2015-contest in Vienna was broadcasted live in China through Mango TV, the internet platform of Hunan Television. “It used to be broadcasted by another channel, but not live,” says Lei. “Last year in Vienna we were the first to do it live, because it was very popular. Many tv-producers and stage designers are already known with the contest but now we want to introduce this wonderful event to the ordinary Chinese audience.”

Australia an example for China
Australia got a special invitation to take part in that contest, which triggered the interest of this Chinese broadcaster even more. “We have interest to take part as well. If there is any chance for us to be more engaged with ESC, we will take that chance. But how long it will take… I don’t know. If all sides try to understand each other, it could happen.”

“It also depends on how the European audience will respond to a Chinese performance. Will they like it? Will they accept it? Because originally this song contest has been made for the European countries. China of course has the largest population and markets, but still we need to do more to understand each other.”

Build it up slowly
The Australian participation of Guy Sebastian did not happen all of a sudden. First, we saw a video clip in Malmö 2013 about how popular the contest was Down Under. Then, in Copenhagen 2014, they got invited to be the interval-act.

But when you check out the reactions from Eurovision fans on Social Media, they don’t seem to be eager for a Chinese inclusion in the contest. According to Jin Lei however, the Chinese crowd would be happy to join the contest in some way. “I think regardless of nationality or different language; the best performance is always appreciated by everyone. After our live broadcasting of the shows, we got a response by our audience of how fabulous this event is. I think they enjoy it quite a lot, because music is universal.”

What do you think? Would you like to see China be some part in the contest?


  1. This is EUROvision, not WORLDvision, Japan or South Korean would win if they participated in. China get away!

  2. I think Eurovision should continue to be EBU members only but other non-EBU states

    should be given a chance to compete at special anniversary years ,as what happened

    with Oz in 2015.A way to get round this and satisfy everybody maybe for a each

    year a guest country to take part with a new song composition written

    especially for the event but which is not a competing entry.This would allow non

    EBU nations such as China,Qatar ,Australia to be a part of it without de

    -europeanising it.This could be done on a rota basis so that different nations

    get a chance without extending the contest in time.

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