Christabelle explains the many visuals of Malta’s Eurovision performance

Christabelle from Malta is performing at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with a mission and a message. After suffering from mental health issues herself, she wants to break the ‘Taboo’ and hopes that will talk more openly about it and seek help. She does that with an act with a lot of visuals in it.

“We decided to use the visuals, because we wanted to show people what breaking the taboo means,” Christabelle explains her act to ESCDaily. “I have my heart, cause the message comes from my heart. The panter shows fierceness. And the world is in it, because I want to show my message to the full world.”

Of course she hopes to score well in the contest, but she is happy to just get her message accross to millions of viewers over the world. “I want to turn something negative into something positive. It is a message of hope.”