Copenhagen 2014: Day Nine – Rehearsals LIVE

Good morning from the press centre! Today the Big Six will rehearse for the second time. We will bring you blog and video as fast as possible. Today blog and video will be in the same article.

10:30-10:50: Germany

I cannot see any differences from the first rehearsal apart from some changes in the background. I still fear the stage is just swallowing the group up. I think they are in casual clothing again today.

I am confused as to why the screen says 08 GERMANY when we do not know the running order yet.

10:55-11:15: United Kingdom

Well I have to say I am not a fan of the dress and it looks like it could be the official one. After the first run through Molly said she would not sing the next one fully. I think she has a sore throat or is at least saving her voice. The patterns on stage really are striking but the dress does not match them. The tattoos are not on the hands today. She has whispered a lot of the later run throughs. The boots I really did not like are back again today!


11:20-11:40: France

13 FRANCE. I am being told off on my Facebook for printing these are they are obviously just random numbers but it is still fun to observe!

The performance is very much the same as last time, as are the costumes. I think these are the ones we will see on Saturday night. The group seems to be more consistent now on where they are and move to on stage.

This is not the first run through from France. We could not get that as everyone was asked to leave the arena for a short time!

11:45-12:05: Denmark

Now the screen says 07 DENMARK so we know for sure that they are fake. I cannot see any differences in the Danish rehearsal, just some camera angles. It is very polished. The girl’s hair was tied back but now it is loose.

We have just learned that the arena was evacuated due to an explosion in a local factory.

News just in. United Kingdom will perform in the second half of the final, Germany the first half.

12:10-12:30: Italy

Emma starts the performance in a white shawl and loses it to reveal a white dress with gold and silver sequence with jewels, matching nicely her band. She is not very comfortable with removing this shawl or hanging it on the microphone stand when it is removed. She is even more polished with her routine today and her confidence and attitude to the camera is still strong.

News just in. France will perform in the second half of the final.

12:35-12:55: Spain

The staging is identical from what I can see, vocals beautiful as ever. The dress is white with silver squence and larger mirror panels. There seems to be a long trail.