Copenhagen 2014: Day Six – Rehearsals LIVE

Today’s rehearsals kick off at 12:00 CET and will start with Malta. By this evening we will have seen all of the songs in the second semi-final rehearsed for the second time. We look forward to the pleasure of your company for the day.


During the performance Paula and Ovi hug, this is something new. No other major changes that we could see.


Remember flutes have never done well in the history of the contest. Tinkara is out of tune. The opening shot has changed to a close up with the flute.


Greece seems to be wanting to take attention away from the trampoline and are experimenting with how much it appears in the performance. Now it seems to be appearing much later. This song is such a welcome break from ballads and folk and stands out so much.


No changes. The first rehearsal was great, the second was too. Sounding and looking good!

FYR Macedonia

Now the performers are in what we think is the official clothing. No major changes from the first rehearsal.


Some new dancing and camera angles. It is looking quite polished!


Some new camera angles but it is still not coming together.


Nothing new to report here, very strong performances and the press centre applauds.


I think the vocals here are so strong! And the real outfits are worn today. The Barbara Dex Award is going to Lithuania I imagine.


Conchita is now wearing the actual dress. No other major changes, vocals perfect as always.


The camera angles are changing with each runthrough, they are experimenting. The washing girls are in view from the outset now too.


Wow, so many changes. There is less light. The camera angles have changed and they make the parachute look more realistic. She is in a green dress now and we have more shots of the drums.


The suit has changed and we can see the tattoos and his ruggedness a bit more. He looks into the camera much more now and we see fewer shots of the musicians.


The dress has changed. Well, it was more a gym suit before but not it is an actual dress. The performance now opens with a shot of the audience behind her. On stage the background has less reds and more whites.


There are no big differences since first rehearsal but the vocals are constantly improving.