Croatia: Entry to be presented in early March

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HRT has confirmed Ninas bid in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 via their official web site plus they announced the period that the Croatian entry will be presented.

HRT has published a press release online stating officially that Nina Badric will represent Croatia in Baku. The Croatian National broadcaster has decided internally for their bid in the upcomming Eurovision.

This year the national selection;Dora, will be held in early March and it will consist of two nights. On the first night (Friday), the past 19 participants of the festival will be presented and the viewers will have the chance to vote for their favorite. On the second night (Saturday) Nina will present her Eurovision entry.

Elizabeth Homsi (from HRT Entertainment department) stated;

Our decision this year was not to select someone who has already represented Croatia in Eurovision Song Contest but to choose an artist with an urban style of music with strong vocals. Nina’s biography speaks for itself and proves that she is the top choice! Our goal is to host Dora 2012 in Opatija and celebrate the twenty years of the festival!