Croatia: The Voice-winner Nina Kraljić to Stockholm

Croatian broadcaster HRT has internally selected Nina Kraljić as their singer for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The winner of The Voice of Croatia will present her song on Wednesday the 9th of March.

Nina Kraljić was widely seen as the most promising recent discovery of the Croatian music scene. “In the past year wonderful things have happened, from winning the show The Voice Croatia to three nominations in the Porin awards, and now I am going to Sweden to represent Croatia”, she said. “From my participation I expect first of all a good performance, and I hope that the efforts will pay off. The most important part for me is to represent Croatia in the best light.”

Nina’s participation in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest had already been widely rumoured in the national press, and today it was officially confirmed by public broadcaster HRT. She is truly one of the biggest new stars that the Croatian music scene has produced: Not only did she gather over a million votes from the TV viewers in The Voice, she also gained the respect of many well-known Croatian artists as she has given all of her performances a very personal touch.

Below you can watch one of her performances at The Voice Croatia, which gained her nation-wide fame: