Cyprus: Minus One sent to Stockholm

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation has decided to internally select Minus One for Eurovision 2016, to be held. The popular rock group will have the honour of representing the island nation in Stockholm.

The song, which will be presented to the public at a later date, will be a collaboration between Minus One and the successful Swedish composer Thomas G:son. G:son has had extensive experience in the contest, including writing the winning song of 2012 ‘Euphoria’.

Minus One is a popular rock band in Cyprus who have performed together for six years not only in Cyprus but also abroad. In 2015 the group took part in the national selection of Cyprus and made it to the final with “Shine”. Although they won the jury vote, they finished 3rd in the combined vote, behind winner Giannis Karagiannis and runner-up Panagiotis Koufogiannis. The group’s lineup for the contest is; Francois Micheletto (Vocals), Harrys Pari (Guitars), Constantinos Amerikanos (Guitars & Vocals), Antonis Loizides (Bass) and Chris J (Drums).

You can listen to “Shine” plus another track “Burn The Sun” below;

Check out the official facebook of Minus One here!