Cyprus: ‘Projection of the wolf stays within the rules’

During their act for Eurovision 2016, Cyprus is using prerecorded video footage of a running wolve. The stage director for this act, Sacha Jean-Baptiste explains to how this new feature fits within the rules of the contest and what’s the idea behind it.

“The Cyprus performance is really interesting. A big and loud rock band, but the lead singer is so smooth and different. His eyes make me look like a wolve, he has a different kind of look, spiritual. I wanted to highlight that. The wolve is an interesting energtic animal.”

“I want people to get the feeling like: What was that, was that a wolve flashing by? And the EBU allowed it. I think this is where the line lies when it comes to using projections or video footage. It is a music and entertainment show. You should keep the balance and never lose the connection with the song and artist.”

Last year, Sacha Jean-Baptiste also did the stage directing for Georgia. Besides Cyprus, she is also doing the job for Georgia again, as for Lithuania and Armenia this year. The act for Iveta from Armenia is also something different, which Sacha also talked about in our interview with her: