“Cyprus has the strongest song of the first semi final”

Now that we have seen and heard all the songs of the first semi final, the press centre makes up its mind. Professional gambler Panos Zannettos states that Tamta has the strongest entry of the first show of Tel Aviv 2019.

“Cyprus has the strongest song of the first semi final,” he kicks off in the first episode of our annual ESCDaily Show. New this year is that it was watchable live on Facebook!

“It is still hard to judge it 100%, as we didn’t have sound for Tamta ‘s rehearsal. The other one that sounds out for me are Czech Republic and Hungary,” Panos continues. Polish journalist Maciej Mazanski adds: “The biggest contender is Iceland. It is really, really standing out. Everything we expected. I was afraid that they would go too far, but they did not do that. The second part of the first semi final is very diverse, while the first half is a bit flat.”

Watch episode one of the ESCDaily Show 2019 live from Tel Aviv

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