Cyprus: The three Cypriot National Final entries (UPD)

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Ivi Adamou was internally selected back in August by the CyBC to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

Sources within Cyprus, who are informed about the Cypriot selection this year, has revealed to the three entries to the upcoming Cypriot National Final. All three songs are in English and two of the songs are described as up-tempo pop songs and one a rock ballad. The final will take place on January 25th, at CyBC studios.

The reported entries to the Cypriot National Final are;

1. La La Love [Uptempo Pop]
2. You Don’t Belong Here [Rock Ballad]
3. Call The Police [Uptempo Pop]

A few days ago, one of the three song titles was published on Facebook; ‘La La Love’. We’ve been informed that Greek-Swedish composer Alex Papakonstantinou is behind the song. Papakonstantinou was behind the third placed Azerbaijani song in 2009, ‘Always’, plus the Greek entry of 2007, seventh placed ‘Yassou Maria’.

After meeting with OGAE Cyprus yesterday, Ivi Adamou will shoot the clips of the three candidate entries of the national final in Cyprus today in the province of Famagusta. The national final of the country will be held on January 25th, with the song presentation taking place on January 9th. The CyBC are yet to make any public statements regarding the full selection process and the song titles, so we stress this news is unconfirmed by the CyBC.

In Athens, spoke with Ivi Adamou, who stated:

 Representing Cyprus in the Eurovision is like a dream coming true! I have being watching the contest since I was a child and I always wanted to sing in front of that great audience that every year “fills” the stadium.I have to tell you that I am anxious all this time and I will go on being like that because I want to do my best and give everything I have for the sake of Cyprus.


Stay tuned on for news regarding the Cypriot Participation in 2012!