Czech Head of Delegation: “Every country can win the Eurovision Song Contest now”

Some small countries are sceptical about their chances to ever win the Eurovision Song Contest. The Czech Republic used to be one of those countries. But those days are gone, especially now that they come up with an entry that is doing well in the winner market for the bookmakers this year.

We spoke to the Czech Head of Delegation Jan Bors two years ago, when it was clear that his country would be in the final for the very first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. He said that the image of the contest was changing in the Czech Republic, and good times were to follow.

Two years later, the Czechs send Mikolas Josef and ‘Lie to me’ and are a contender for victory. How did a small country manage to come up with such a good entry? “Every country can do it now. I see changes at Eurovision, but it always depends on the artists. What kind of charisma they deliver. Portugal is also a small country that won the contest, somehow. That is the spirit of Eurovision, it can change every year.”

Jan Bors: “Every country can win Eurovision”

Back injury might reduce Mikolas’ chances

The Czech Republic had a setback this week, when Mikolas Josef injured his back during the first rehearsal. He is recovered and able to perform, but the backflip has been eliminated from his dance routine.

“We gave him his time, he is not a child so he does not need us to be around the whole time,” Head of Delegation Jan Bors says about how the delegation helped him recover. He also stated that doctors forbid Mikolas to do the backflip routine again.