Czech Republic: ‘We are breaking the way of thinking’

Head of Delegation Jan Bors from the Czech Republic is very confident that his country will make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. And that success of Gabriela Gunčíková could be a huge thing for the Czechs.

“We are starting to break it to the side that people are recognising the contest,” says Jan Bors. “People saw it as a circus show, not as something big. But now we are really breaking the way of thinking. Something is happening in Czech Republic. Everything will change if we reach the final. It is just like with ice hockey. When a country is not good in it, no one cares.”

As stated above, the Czechs have not made it to the final yet in the contest, but there is a clear strategy to turn that around this year: “We are taking it seriously. This is the biggest show in the world. We don’t want to make sure that every detail is covered a 100 percent. We have the experience of last year and we really want to make it work out perfect this year.”