Czech Republic: Focus on stage performance through internal selection

Czech Republic will take part ion the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. Broadcaster CT has informed ESC Daily that they will once again select their candidate internally.

The official search starts with a call for internal applications. There are no restrictions to the genre of the songs, and composers can be from foreign descent. The only condition is that at least one of the vocalists needs to have the Czech citizenship.

Focus on stage performance

“This season we are going to put special focus on stage performance and look – we would like to prepare everything in Czech republic and bring it to Portugal. We really appreciate growing interest amongst the Czech musicians and producers. It shows positive attitude towards the biggest and most spectacular musical show in the world,“ says creative producer Jan Potměšil.

Potměšil adds that „Participation has been promised by, among others, performers including Dasha, Thom Artway, Mikolas Josef, Markéta Konvičková, Pavel Callta, Elis  Mráz, Yanna, Mariana Prachařová, Annabelle, and the bands Doctor Victor and Eddie Stoilow. The winning artist will get the absolute attention, including performances in at least 6 European countries on local stages.”

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  1. Aknowledging your stage performance was terrible in 2017 is the best way to improvement.
    Last years CZ send in good singers, but visual acts which lacked it all. Thumbs up!

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