Czech Republic: No return in Baku

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After promising signs, it seems the Czech Republic will not be entering next year’s Eurovision Song Contest after Česká Televize’s programming for 2012 didn’t include Eurovision reports.

Yesterday, General Director of Czech Television, Petr Dvorak announced the upcoming changes to CT’s spring broadcast and confirmed that Czech Television will focus next year on programs suited to young audiences, but not the Eurovision Song Contest. The broadcaster stated they are in the process of removing failed programs of the previous leadership group and programs that are primarily targeted to an older audience.

The planned increased in cooperation with the EBU will occur with the broadcasting of ‘Downton Abbey’. “We are working on innovations to existing programs for this audience group, so from autumn we can bring new programs, both original and using best international formats,” Dvorak stated. Czech Television will also broadcast two major sporting events next year, the World Ice Hockey Championship and the Summer Olympics in London, which will be a bigger focus for the broadcaster. reports it can be expected that the participation of the Czech Republic will be next discussed in 2013.