Czech Republic releases their eight songs for 2019

The lineup for this year’s Czech Republic selection has been announced. One of these eight songs will be the one that will represent the Czechs at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

The full YouTube playlist can be found here:

Hana Barbara – Poslední slova tobě
Tomáš Boček – Don’t Know Why
Andrea Holá – Give Me A Hint
Pam Rabbit – Easy To Believe
Lake Malawi – Friend of a Friend
Barbora Mochowa – True Colours
Jakub Ondra – Space Suchi
Jara Vymer – On My Knees

The songs are available to listen to in the official Eurovision app as well. In that app you can vote, everyone from all over the world can, but it depends on your location as what your vote will count.

Last year the Czech Republic celebrated their first Eurovision success when Mikolas Josef finished in 6th place at the the contest in Lisbon, Portugal with the song ‘Lie to Me’!