Daily Coffee: “Bella is a dark horse for victory”

ESCDaily started the day with Bulgarian coffee; probably the sweetest coffee in Eastern Europe. Today, Jon Marius Hyttebakk and Steef van Gorkum were joined by JP from Radio International. Although there are some countries rehearsing today, could we already predict a winner after yesterday’s rehearsals?

One of the improvements wanted by today’s guests, was to see a solution to Ukraine’s flower at the start of the performance. During her first rehearsal, it took several minutes before Anna from Ukraine could get started with her run-through because she got stuck. JP pointed out that “it’s a risk to bring out props like that, when it doesn’t work”.

When asked about the winner predictions after yesterday’s rehearsals, chief editor Steef van Gorkum was torned placed his bets on MIKA from Armenia. JP did nott follow all of the rehearsals yesterday, but added that Bella from Australia “is a dark horse for victory!”