Daily Coffee: “Community could underestimate Iceland because we already know their concept so well”

Daði og Gagnamagnið, Iceland, Eurovision 2021
Daði og Gagnamagnið, Iceland, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 10 May 2021 — EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

In our next episode of the podcast Daily Coffee, Dennis van Eersel speaks with Steef van Gorkum and Erik Bolks about the third day of rehearsals of Monday. The guys have a discussion about Iceland, and why it is not making as much impact as Dadi and his team did last year.

“Could it be that we are all underestimating them a bit within the community?”, asks Dennis. “Because we all know their song and presentation of last year and have get used to it. It’s not new to us anymore, but it will be for the millions of viewers at home next week.”

Steef van Gorkum thinks you can explain it in both directions. “This is an option, but it can also work the other way around. That they temselves have also got used to their image and the way they present themselves. It’s not as naïve – in a good way – as it was last year. Like they just got out of their village and straight to the Eurovision stage. And because of that, people might not get it and pick it up as much, as they would have last year.”

We talk about Iceland at the end of the podcast you can listen to above. There are also compliments for Greek singer Stefania and the professional way the youngster worked through her first rehearsal in Rotterdam and many positivity about many of the other artists in this second semi!