Daily Coffee: “Hard to say if we get shock exits like last year”

It is Tuesday the 9th of May 2017, the day we have been waiting for! Tonight the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 takes place. In our podcast Daily Coffee, we look ahead one more time.

Neil MacInnes was in the International Exhibition Centre last night during the jury show, Steef van Gorkum followed the show like a jury member in the press center. They don’t think the results will be as shocking as last years first semi:

“In the semi final you have some obvious qualifiers like Sweden, Armenia and Finland. But Belgium, Australia, Azerbaijan. These entries could be forgotten and could be a shock exit for them, but it is hard to predict. Last year Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina both lost their 100% track record, I don’t think we will see something like that again in this show.”

Great vibe in the hall

Neil was in the arena, following the show with the locals. At the jury shows, the crowd is omewhat different the during the actual televised shows. “The atmosphere was good, another vibe when compared to the actual shows. Local people were celebrating, not analysing the show like the press does.”