Daily Coffee: “Ireland is sincere, but a little shy”

The day always starts a little more perfect with a cup of morning coffee. This time Jon Marius Hyttebakk and chief editor of ESCDaily Steef van Gorkum were joined by Ewan Spence from ESC Insight. Today’s discussions touched on yesterday’s Opening Ceremony and the expectations of today’s events.

One of the many highlights for Ewan was the performance of Euphoria towards the end of the event. For Steef it was interesting to see how sincere most of the participating children were, adding “it’s brave of Aimee to say that she finds her inspiration in God on international television”.

Today, it’s also time for the first line of press conferences. Being present on both Junior Eurovision and the adult version several times, Ewan had some thoughts on how they will behave during the interviews. “Aimee from Ireland will be shy and Georgia will know the lyrics on all of the other songs”.

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