Daily Coffee: Is the second semi final as predictable as it seems?

Portugal Black Mamba eurovision 2021

This year’s Eurovision first semi final is a minefield to predict. However, the second semi final seems more clear cut. In the podcast Daily Coffee, Dennis van Eersel and Steef van Gorkum discuss their 10 qualifiers.

Van Gorkum is quite certain about his list. “I don’t think I ever felt so certain so early in the contest. So I have to be cautious, because there is still a long way to go.”

His list of 10 qualifiers includes all the top favorites, however he also favors Denmark as a finalist. “Their song is the perfect example of what EBU wants from a show closer. It will get a lot of televote and even plenty of jury support in this semi final.” The Black Mamba from Portugal will just miss out on the Grand Final, according to Van Gorkum.

Listen to the full Eurovision podcast below, including an assessment of all the ballads in this semi final: