Daily Coffee: ‘Malta will host a compact Eurovision’

The Junior Eurovision week has started today in Malta. Capital city Valletta, a city of only 7.000 inhabitants, will host the competition. Too small? Not for Steef van Gorkum’s taste. ESC Daily’s chief editor is in Valletta and looks forward to a “perfect, compact Eurovision.”

“The Costa Coffee is very near to our apartment,” he says to Dennis van Eersel with a smile. “But the good thing here is that everything is close. Not just the coffee place, but also the press center, the restaurants, the sea… From our apartment, we can walk anywhere we want.”

In this short episode, Van Gorkum also explains a little bit about the schedule for today and the rest of the week. Daily Coffee will return for you every morning this Junior Eurovision week, however in a slightly different format. Presenter Dennis van Eersel could not travel to Valletta, so instead he calls up Steef van Gorkum every morning for a quick update. Listen to the first episode below!