Daily Coffee: “Organisation can be proud of keeping Covid out of Ahoy”

Backstage at Eurovision 2021 — EBU / ANDRES PUTTING

This Sunday there is a resting day at Ahoy, to prepare for the dress rehearsals and shows of next week. In our podcast Daily Coffee we take the time to take about the overall experience in Rotterdam and how things are going related to Covid-19.

Dennis van Eersel tells us he has spoken to Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker. He told him that out of 15.000 tests in the last six weeks, only 9 people were tested positive for Covid-19. These were people that visited Ahoy for the first time and haven’t been in the venue. On Saturday, the first positive test was taken with someone that has been within the bubble, within the Polish delegation.

“It’s a big compliment for the organisation,” says Steef van Gorkum. “The way they organised things, besides the mouth masks and social distancing, working and being in Ahoy actually gives the feeling that there is a normal Eurovision happening.” Erik Bolks adds to say that we will be missing the thousands of fans in the upcoming week. “We are priviliged to be here, but it’s still not as it should be. I hope we will have the full Eurovision experience back next year.”

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