Daily Coffee: “More juries is in Australia’s favour”

The big night is closing in, and the tension is rising. ESCDaily’s Jon Marius Hyttebakk, Steef Van Gorkum and Brandon McCann discussed the events of today. Which countries will stick out in the running order, and what are the expectations of how the full show will look like?

Even though the final is tomorrow, the equally important jury final takes place tonight. According to Steef van Gorkum, “tonight may be even more important, even though that sounds ridiculous. In Junior, juries have a larger influence on the outcome than at adult, larger than 50% because some countries will not have enough televotes and will then rely on 100% juries.”

There is also a special kids jury with kids from all the participating countries joined together. They will vote as one extra “country”. Brandon McCann pointed out that Australia’s kids jury member is living in Bulgaria. “It will be interesting to see how that’s going to work out”, he added.