Dami Im: ‘I hope it created a good image of Australia’

Dami Im has given an emotional thank you to her fans following a powerhouse performance of her song ‘Sound of Silence’ at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. She gave Australia a second place at the Grand Final and even won the jury vote.

“I am just grateful that Australia was happy to send me as their representative,” Dami Im gushed. “I want to shed light on Australia as a multicultural place, accepting of immigrants like me. I hope it created a good image of Australia,” she said.

“The crowd was incredible and I was enjoying the moment. It was so crazy. My parents were with me the whole time on the couch,” Im said referring to her entourage in the televised Green Room. The points kept coming, especially during the Jury Vote. “It was like “scratching the Lotto, [ticket] one at a time, as the 12 points came in to each nation. I’m flattered that the professionals gave me the highest votes,” Im said of her entry topping the combined Jury vote of all nations. “I was not expecting anything that high” she mused.

Watch the interview Dami gave to World News Australia below: