“Expectations for Saara Aalto were too high in a UMK production”

Despite high expectations after the release of the song ‘Monsters’ by Saara Aalto, the reaction in the fan community to the live performance of the Finnish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 has been lukewarm. According to professional gambler Daniel Gould

, this is not strange at all, given the hype around her. Check it out in this podcast episode of Scout Around.

“Saara is very good singer and performer, and she has a good song. So the ingredients are good,” Daniel explains. However there are issues with the presentation of the song. Saara is a favourite in the betting market, because there is mainly a UK based client base. And Saara Aalto is very well known in that community, so she is hyped more than she would otherwise have been.”

Big hype after the songs were released

Saara is no stranger to the Finnish selection at the Eurovision Song Contest, as she has entered the competition twice. In 2011, she placed second with her song “Blessed with Love”, and she received the same placing in UMK 2016 with her song “No Fear”. Last year she also took part in The X Factor UK, where she placed second. This year she was selected internally to sing for Finland, and the national final to find a suitable song for her, took place last weekend.

Because of this background, and the quality of the video clips released for her three songs, there was a hype around her. “The song ‘Monsters’ was well received in the video, with the concept that she can play with visually. People were very excited and those expectations were too high for the UMK production,” explains Daniel.