Düsseldorf 2011: Final Dress Rehearsal

Good afternoon and welcome to the last day of the Eurovision Song Contest live from Düsseldorf.  Before the final tonight, we’ll take you through the last rehearsal of the Grand Final.  We’re kicking off the rehearsal at 13:00 CET.

Kicking off the rehearsal now – everyone is casual for this rehearsal, as we’ve seen in the previous last dress rehearsals for the semis.  The hosts are still at ease with their opening monologue and kick into their version of “Satellite”  Though it’s not feeling as effective with out the live audience, Stefan, Lena and the crew are flying through it with ease.

We get the video transformation of the football stadium into the arena that is hosting the ESC now, again.

And now onto the performances!


Paradise Oskar is on stage and sounding great, albeit seems to be resting his voice a bit – and still is bringing his genuine talent and emotion to the opening performance.  He is excellent at hitting every mark on the camera and this should make an impact on the crowd watching tonight.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

It’s always fun to see Dino dressed in something other than his infamous jacket for this song!  He also seems to be resting his voice a bit, but still manages to pull off a great performance, even though there is no audience!


In what seems to be the continuing theme of saving voices today, lead singer Tim is not sounding as sharp as usual, though we can probably expect him to be on top form later.  He’s messed up the lyrics a bit and isn’t as energetic as we’ve seen, but again, with no audience and having the actual live show tonight, this still sounds great now and will inevitably be captivating later.


Evelina’s still making sure she is engaging with the camera and still sounds great.  From what we can tell, she hasn’t done her sign language bit here and held the microphone the entire time.  So unless she’s cut it out or just wasn’t going to do it at this rehearsal remains to be seen.  Overall though, a great vocal performance as usual.


This is still as good as usual, though Kati appears to be a bit tired, but her voice is still quite strong, though she is understandably holding back on overdoing it with her voice.  This will no doubt be even stronger later.


Even in front of an empty arena, these two still bring their normal amount of energy, which is off the charts.  It’s certainly not the best vocal, but their drive and excitement makes up for that.  This is a strong performance for the twins!


Eric’s vocals are actually okay this afternoon, and he looks more relaxed than he has in past performances.  This is probably the best he’s performed up to date, so can he bring it later tonight?


This performance on par with what we’ve seen from Getter in the past, and she hasn’t dropped her magic trick this time!  Again, seeing Getter and her dancers a bit more relaxed in this rehearsal seems to help her vocals a bit more and she looks like she’s having more fun with this.


Loucas’s vocals are sounding strong today, and this performance is still looking quite powerful even though it’s not at its “peak” right now – though it is preceded by young dance songs, this could still stand out.


Alexey’s hair is unmade and he’s wearing a Düsseldorf football jersey with a “10” on the back.  He’s clearly saving his energy for later, but still manages to hit every step and be as engaging as ever.  Hopefully we won’t see a malfunction with the lights like we did last night!


Seeing Amaury in a zip up hoodie whilst singing this song is very interesting – but Amaury still delivers vocally without any effort.  The powerful nature of this song still comes across in this closed dress rehearsal and the press in the centre have given it a warm round of applause.


Raphael still is having a bit of trouble communicating with the camera, but he is sounding fantastic and really performs so beautifully as a true musician.  Though people are not rating this high up, the pure musicality could strike a chord with viewers later.

We have a break now where Judith speaks to Dino from Bosnia & Herzegovina and A Friend in London from Denmark in the green room.


Now onto Anna and her group from Switzerland.  She’s come dressed up to this rehearsal even though everyone else has been casually dressed.  Her vocals are great as usual, and she’s still communicating with the cameras wonderfully.

United Kingdom

This is actually very good today! Vocally the boys are in synch and the sound mix is great.  The casual clothing actually fits this performance so much better than the suits do, but if they can perform like this later, they could still be in contention, possibly!


This is just as explosive and high energy as ever, though the boys seem to be holding back just a little bit.  No doubt with the crowd in later and the live TV audience, this will be remembered later.


Lena and her dancers have taken to the stage with the dancers dressed in their costumes and Lena dressed in khaki’s.  Vocally Lena is great, and the performance flows with ease.  Lena ends the performance with a smile and shouts something with a smile at the end, showcasing how relaxed she is!


This still sounds as good as ever, and the casual clothing the guys are wearing look so much better than the performance outfits!  Everyone seems to be quite comfortable onstage, and although it’s a pleasant song, but this just doesn’t feel like a potential contender.


Nadine is always vocally on point, and to save her voice she seems to be switching up the song a bit more.  Even though it’s not her strongest performance, it’s still very powerful.  At the end of this performance, Nadine takes her sunglasses off and makes a cheeky face at the camera, clearly showing that she’s feeling a bit relaxed this afternoon.


Both Eldar and Nigar don’t sound great, and are off key quite a bit actually – but they look quite at ease and relaxed onstage this afternoon, so they’re not looking worried for their performance later.   People still are seeing this as a contender at this point, but that will remain to be seen!


Maja is dressed casually, but is still wearing her performance boots with jeans!  Her voice is great and she is hitting her points and notes easily (though she did make a bit of a face at one point unsure of whether she should continue on with a choreographed move!) and seems to have lost of a bit of steam towards the end, but still a great performance.

We cut to Judith in the green room where she will talk to Amaury from France and remind us of how to vote.


The boys are all dressed casually of course, and look quite relaxed as they go through the performance.  They’re still showing how good these six musicians are, and their natural ease with this performance and song really shows.


Lucia is onstage in her stage outfit and goes through the song easily and hits her choreography easily.  Everything seems to be flowing well here.


Mika’s vocals are strong as usual, and she’s working the stage well in contrast to the sand artist in the back.  With her draw, and the impact of the staging, this has the potential to now do very well.


The vocals here are very good, and again, this is a case of they should be wearing casual clothing instead of their stage clothing!  With this, they look so much more like a rockband performing at their own concert.  This is sounding good as the last performance!

Now onto the recaps, video tour, recaps again, and Jan Delay performs now.

And now onto the voting rehearsal!