Düsseldorf 2011: Day 4 Rehearsals & Press Conferences

Welcome back to Dusseldorf for day four of rehearsals for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.  Today, we’ll see the first ten songs in Semi Final 2 rehearse. Remember you can see and chat to us live in the press centre on our stream! (Link on home page)



Poly has a white dress, part of which she loses during the second half of the song. The backdrop is water here, with the band all in white playing their instruments. We have some more use of the catwalk, although it does seem like a long way to walk to throw your shawl off. Vocally it’s fine- and probably sitting as a marginal qualifier.

FYR Macedonia

Vlatko is joined onstage by five backing dancers, all dressed in white.   The first verse of the song is sung in English, and in the background we see a large box continuously turning with images and objects in it, such as cyrillic letters.  Vlatko breaks out a bullhorn for the spoken part in the song, and although we originally thought he might use the catwalk during this part, it doesn’t appear he will anymore.  His vocals are on point and overall, it’s a clean performance.





Dana has taken to the stage with large sunglasses on, clearly not in the outfit she’ll be wearing on the performance night.  She’s joined onstage by her five backing singers and doesn’t seem to have any special effects alongside.   She sounds as she usually does, with a few bum notes here and there.  Truthfully, this looks a bit sorry and stagnant.



Maja starts out by herself in the middle of the stage, with a single spotlight on her.  There are strobelights surrounding the stage as it continues, and Maja is joined by her four backing singers.  Maja is wearing a black dress with gold decoration over and thigh high boots.  The colours on the stage are purple and pinks with flowers in the same colours on the screen in the background. The singers do some choreography alongside Maja as the song builds.  Maja’s vocals are good, and it sounds like she’s having no problems hitting any of the major notes.



The lead singer is wearing a bit of a crazy vest, with tartan on the back of it.  It’s topped off by striped trousers.  He’s joined by the rest of the band and two female background dancers who are carrying trumpets.  There are many colours flashing in the background screen and on stage.  The vocals are strong and the song carries through well, this seems to be a definite qualifier at this point.


The staging is quite similar to the one in the national final performance, but Getter’s dress has changed.  It’s pink with large buttons on tome and she appears to be wearing flats. They’ve kept the “magic trick” in the beginning of the performance, as well. She is joined by three male dancers and two female backing singers.  The background is hectic, in a good way – with many colours and images flashing about.  Getter sounds good, and the choreography looks quite polished already and this should sail through to the final at this point!


The setup of the stage features Anastasiya with her four backing singers and cymbaly player.  The mic stands are lit up alongside the cymbaly as well.  She is wearing  a short silver and black dress, and her backing singers are wearing similar outfits as well (with the males wearing matching colours on their outfits!) .  Anastasiya’s voice is a bit raspy sounding in the runthroughs, but overall it is fine, and they have choreographed moves at the mic stand.   The background images are red, blue and black shapes that change their alignment through the performance.


This performance seems to be quite similar to what we saw in the national final – starting with a camera shot from the back as their stools are turned around.  They have two female and two male backing singers with them.  They stay quite central in the stage during, as well.  The backing screen is full of blue, purple and gold lights that pulsate throughout.  The vocals on the two guys are good, and this could sneak into the final!

A Friend in London have pretty much the same setup from their national final, and have added two backup singers to the mix.  The camera work looks great, and switches between the band well.  Tim’s lead vocals are very strong and they are delivering this performance with ease.   They’re all dressed in black, with Tim’s shirt exposing his back.  The colours onstage and in the background are a dark blue with kaleidoscopic shapes in the background.  This is very, very strong and could be on track to doing very well if it qualifies.

The first thing you notice about this performance is the great graphics on the screen, which feature the boys in cartoon state, with loads of black, red and white. It is visually very good, and the boys are actually holding their own vocally.  Their four backing singers are joining them in synchronized moves.  They still seem a little unsure of all the moves, but as it is the first set of rehearsals that can be easily polished.  Their outfits today are black military style jackets that are sparkling, and hightop converse.  With more rehearsing time, this could look very good!