Düsseldorf 2011: Day 6 Rehearsals & Interviews

Welcome back to Düsseldorf as we kick off the sixth day of Rehearsals in which the participants of the second half of Semi Final 1 and the first half of Semi Final 2 will take to the stage for their second open rehearsal. Keep refreshing this page as content will be added throughout the day such as feedback, rehearsal videos and interviews.  You can also watch us working live in the press centre as well as having a chat by clicking here.
httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5-Bbml7JLg The first lot of rehearsals of the day, and the boys from Iceland have delivered a strong set of performances yet again.  The colours onstage look fantastic and the six are extremely engaging together.  People seem to be giving them more and more of a chance of qualifying now.
Kati is sounding much better today, but isn’t rehearsing in the blue dress she’ll apparently be wearing during the performance, which could mean a bit of a problem in testing out how the lighting will look against it (as it didn’t look great during her first set of rehearsals).  Her vocals are much better and this looks much more polished.
Again, it is hard to judge this based on vocals, as the majority of Homens da Luta are not singers, but they sound as good as they usually do.  They’re engaging and the camera angles showcase their emotions and facial expressions well.  With the limited stage setup, they manage to keep the focus on their signs and their placement on stage.
Evelina sounds great, looks great, and the simplistic performance is rehearsed beautifully.  She is great with the cameras and everything looks beautiful.  Her second run through shows no signs of issues really.  The only really problems are that the dress is not the most flattering on her, and the sign language she does in the second verse feels a bit out of place.
As many people have said before, this is a bit of an understated performance for Azerbaijan.  Eldar is extremely strong vocally and performs for the camera with ease.  Nigar, on the other hand, is performing less than favourably, with weak vocals and looks a bit scared to boot.  Though they have clearly choreographed this well, it still feels like there is a lack of flair for what is usually expected of Azerbaijan.  Saying that, we expect this will qualify comfortably.   

This performance and staging doesn’t seem to have changed very much since their first rehearsals, and it is still polished and well practiced.  Loucas sounds great and looks great on camera.  The only thing is the staging, and the fact that everything seems quite “separated”, it would be nicer to see everything feel more together like a real performance.   

Dino and his backup really have nothing more to fix about this performance, and their rehearsal today is extremely strong.   They have changed some camera angles around it seems, and the ending has the group on stage aimed at the camera.  There is no question that this will qualify through, and due to how consistently strong it is, this really could be a contender to win.

As usual, Nadine’s vocals are very strong.  She’s easily the best female singer in the contest this year, as she consistently on point in her run throughs.  She’s on stage by herself until the chorus where her five backing singers appear.  The whole thing is very classy and this has a great chance of going through at this point.

For the first time, we get to see the outfits that the Dutch trio will be wearing on the big night, (variations of white and black, with the lead vocalist in a somewhat outdated white jacquard-style blazer and cream/beige trousers!) The sound of this rehearsal is fine, and the quality of the performance is very high; however, there are some clumsy camera shots which don’t help the overall look or feel. These will no doubt be addressed once the delegation has taken a look at the playback of this rehearsal.

The Belgians are vocally perfect yet again, and they work extremely well together.  The problem here is the really dated feel of everything here, and how viewers might not know what to make of this, and it just doesn’t make the impact that it could.

The girls are in their stage outfits, which are two contrasting coloured dresses with trains.  They sound good vocally, but seem quite immobile on the stage, which leads to it getting quite boring quickly.  While they are good at engaging with the cameras and each other, this just doesn’t feel like it goes anywhere.
The setup for this performance is again, taking quite a bit of time.  Once it gets going though, the vocals are good on Mika and the sand art is also great.  The stage dress for Mika is quite distracting, however, and combined with the art going on in the background they take away from any of the song!

Moldova have continued to keep the high energy interesting as ever, and the whole staging looks great in the arena and on screen.  Vocally it is strong, energy wise it is of course strong, and this could definitely qualifying through next week if they keep performing this way.


Sweden have come back on stage to rehearse the glass breaking for Popular – they have gone through it twice, and the first time the glass didn’t break!

luckily, the second time it did:

and with that, we’re done for the day.  Sweden will begin the day of rehearsals tomorrow.  We’ll see you all then!