Demy on Greek vocals: “We will turn up the volume of the backing singers”

Greece has had a shaky first rehearsal at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Especially the vocals were not up to speed just yet. Demy also notices this and told us that they will make some changes, by gearing up the volume of the backing singers.

“Turn down the backings?” Demy reacts to our statement that especially during the harmonies in the chorus the vocals are off-key. “No, we will do the opposite, to get the harmony better. We will turn up their volume for our next rehearsal and also change some other details.”

Daniel Gould from Sofabet also critised the vocal performance from Greece. However he has some arguments why it will probably improve in the next days. “They were the first to rehearse at 10:00 CET, which means the team had to get up at 05:00. That affects the vocals, it is what we call the ‘morning vocals’, like we also heard with Robin Bengtsson from Sweden.”

Check out our video report on the Greek first rehearsal above and tell us your opinion as well.