Denmark: Anja Nissen gets another chance in DMGP

Anja Nissen returns in the Danish preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The Australian singer, runner-up in 2016, is one of the ten candidates in Denmark’s national final.

The national final of DMGP 2017 takes place on the 25th of February. You can follow the show live here at and through a stream on the website of broadcaster DR.

Besides the former winner of The Voice of Australia, nine other acts have been confirmed by broadcaster DR. Check them out below:

01. Ida Una – ‘One’
02. Thomas Ring – ‘Vesterbro’
03. Rikke Skytte – ‘Color My World’
04. Anja Nissen – ‘Where I Am’
05. Calling Mercury – ‘Big Little Lies’
06. Anthony – ‘Smoke In My Eyes’
07. René Machon – ‘Warriors’
08. Sada Vidoo – ‘Northern Lights’
09. Jeanette Bonde – ‘Hurricane’
10. Johanna Beijbom – ‘A.S.A.P.’

No boybands allowed in Denmark

After two years of not qualifying for the grand final with a boy band, broadcaster DR has opted for a national final with only solo artists. There was a large interest, as a record of 1,115 songs were submitted to compete in this years Danish selection, even though they missed out on the final in 2015 and 2016.

The Danes really want to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest again, because as a result of the bad results the viewing figures for the contest have fallen significantly.

This year marks the 60th edition of the Danish selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest and is being held in Herning. Jan Lagermand Lundme the Head of Entertainment at DR has high expectations for the 10 songs competing in this years selection saying: “I am grateful that the ten soloists are so good, because without them you could dream enough so many dreams about qualifying. But with the ten, we can not do better.”