Denmark: ‘Anja Nissen was heartbroken by the result’

To much surprise, Lighthouse X was favored over Anja Nissen to win the Danish national final this week. Our reporter Brandon McCann was at the scene in Denmark and saw Australian Anja Nissen after the show: “I could tell that she was slightly heartbroken by the result.”

McCann thinks Denmark made the wrong choice on Saturday: “I think Anja should have gone through. She has the WOW-factor, great vocals and is such a personality. On the other hand, Lighthouse X also has a good performance. The song alone does not seem as strong, they were a bit surprised with the win. But they are good looking people, following the trail of A Friend In London. But many people also compare this song with Anti Social Media. It will be interesting to see if they can qualify this year.”

Anja Nissen got close, but missed out on a ticket to Stockholm only narrowly: “It was such a disappointment that she lost by six percent. She was the big favourite in the superfinal. I saw her after the show, and I could tell that she was slightly heartbroken by the result. But she has done a couple of big shows before and she is a professional before, throughout and after the show. So she kept her chin up and told me she would like to attempt to represent Denmark in the future. Or perhaps for Australia next year? She is still in contact with SBS.”