Denmark: Anja Nissen’s outfit gets more comments than her vocals

Anja Nissen has had a chaotic first day at the press center. Her outfit during the first rehearsal was a big point of discussion. “It’s a shame people did not speak more about her outstanding vocals,” says our editor Brandon McCann.

The participation of Anja Nissen is obviously a big thing for Australians, who now have two entries to root for this year. Anja won The Voice of Australia, but went on to compete for Denmark in Eurovision – her family is from Danish descent. Let’s recuperate Anja’s first day at the big Eurovision Arena in Kiev.

Watch Anja Nissen’s press conference here!

The day had started with Anja’s first rehearsal on the Eurovision stage. After the rehearsal, Anja’s outfit was all the press center could talk about. However, it is far from certain that this outfit will stay the same. In an interview with Brandon McCann, she told ESCDaily that there are still multiple options. What do you think, based on this rehearsal footage?

Brandon stated afterwards that he hopes the press center will move beyond Anja’s outfit. “Her vocals were outstanding. That’s something people should be talking about. There is still a lot to look forward to in her performance.”