Denmark: Cutfather to bring Eurovision back

Danish national broadcaster DR has announced that the popular music producer and songwriter Mich Hedin Hansen, known as Cutfather, will work out the kinks in their 2016 selection process, after the disappointing results in Vienna.

For the first time in eight years, Denmark missed the mark in qualifying for the grand final, leaving Anti Social Media stuck in 13th place in the first semi-final.

The DR Entertainment Manager Jan Lagermand Lundme, however, has stated that the decision to appoint Cutfather to manage the selection process is not because of this year’s boy band’s disappointing performance. He says:

“Most other countries which participate in the Eurovision Song Contest have started to look at this competition in a very serious way. We have also done so for years, but when the rest of Europe takes a step up the ladder, we need to do the same.”

Cutfather’s job will be to selection the 10 songs that will compete in Melodi Grand Prix 2016, together in close collaboration with music producer Jonas Schrøder who has been affiliated with the Danish national selection for the last two years.

Believing that Eurovision is a prime platform for new artists with great potential, Cutfather has promised that the less than perfect results of this year’s Danish Eurovision entry will not be repeated in 2016.

The date for the Melodi Grand Prix 2016 has not yet been announced.