Denmark: DMGP 2016 Artists talk to ESCDaily

ESCDaily are live in Horsens, we have been interviewing this year’s DMGP participations from Forum Horsens. Tomorrow, ten artists will compete to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

David Jay – Rays of Sunlight

David admits there has been “hurdles and obstacles” with the rehearsals however he’s prepared for it. David describes his entry and performance as “not typical” for DMGP and that he wishes to perform it “not as flamboyant” and more “regular for an international artist“.

Simone – Heart Shaped Hole

Regarding her third participation at DMGP she explains how “happy and grateful” to have another opportunity. Simone reveals there will be “a lot of effects and glittering” from her performance on Saturday. She also stated that every time DMGP ask her to return “she wouldn’t miss it for the world“.

Bracelet – Breakaway

Bracelet confirmed that the two male members are the grandchildren of Benny from ABBA. In the interview we discuss their dual citizenship of Danish & Swedish” and how their music video for “Breakaway was filmed in South Korea”.

Sophia Nohr – Blue Horizon

Sophia admitted she is on a lot of “medication” due to feeling poorly however her last rehearsal “went really great“. She states that “she loves Eurovision” and that she loves “being from Denmark. She revealed she’ll be wearing a hand-picked Bohemian-styled “sophisticated dress” that follows her own style.

Veronicas Illusion – The Wrong Kind

Lead singer Veronica Jensen explained that the band’s name was inspired by featuring her first name with illusion as “it sounded cool. Veronica describes working with ESC-winning songwriter Peter Bostrom was “extremely polite“. Regarding her entry she describes it as “happy, Swedish pop” which she “loves“.

Lighthouse X – Soldiers of Love

The three band members explain the band’s name originated from the idea to “cast light onto others” and “to hopefully make a different in the world” through music. Regarding music that inspired the band they admit even though they have “different tastes in music” what brings them together is “pop music.

Kristel Lisberg – Who Needs a Heart

Kristel describes the overall experience of DMGP as “amazing, exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time”. Kristel’s Faroe Islands heritage, will be present through her “dress”. In regards to working with Jonas Gladnikoff & Sara Ljunggren she describes them as “extremely warm people” and that they “never made her feel alone”.

Jessica – Break It Good

Opening the interview Jessica mentions that she’s learning a lot” from DMGP participation. Jessica wished to “represent what Danish culture meant across the world” and wished her fans to “love and embrace Reggae“.

Muri & Mario – To Stjerner

Muri & Mario featured alongside a fellow co-songwriter. They confirmed that the song would be translated to English due to “not having a choice”. However DR states they will always be “in talks” regarding the language choice if they win.

Anja Nissen – Never Alone

Anja describes her upcoming performance as “very fun, vibrant, loud, energetic” and overall “anything to do with Eurovision I would love to do”. Anja reveals that she “got offered to do Eurovision for Australia” last year “but then that didn’t happen”.