Denmark: Focus on ‘total package’ at national final in Aalborg

Denmark will have a national final of DMGP 2018 on the 10th of February in the city of Aalborg. The show will once again be hosted by Annette Heick og Johannes Nymark, broadcaster DR announced. Some other things will change however.

“I think we can win a lot by looking at the contributions as whole products. We should not first select songs, so find artists and then add a trampoline. We have to think about the whole process and look at the whole package from the start,” says Mads Enggaard. He is a trained singer from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and has for ten years worked in the television industry, primarily on music programs like the Top of the Doll and X Factor. Now he is in charge of Eurovision in Denmark as well.

Songs for DMGP 2018 can still be submitted to broadcaster DR until the 15th of September of this year. Last year Denmark was represented by Anja Nissen from Australia, who made it to the final after the Nordic country missed out on taking part in the show on Saturday in the years before.