Live: National final in Denmark

Tonight, Denmark is ready to welcome us on board. The “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2015” is on its mark. This year, the battle seems to be mainly between the composers and not the songs themselves.

Alex Papakonstantinou (GRE 2007, AZE 2009, CYP 2012), Thomas G:son (in a loss of counting!), Lise Cabble (DEN 1995, 2011, 2013) and Boobby Ljunggren are up against each other, with a notable music essence of a Tropical night party in the air.

You can see live the ‘DMGP Final’ here. Live commentary will be provided below.

The line-up for tonight is the following:

1. Sara Sukurani – “Love me love me”
2. Tina & René “Mi amore” 
3. Marcel & Soulman Group“Når veje krydses”
4. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A”
5. Andy Roda – “Love is love”
6. Julie Bjerre“Tæt på mine drømme”
7. Anti Social Media – “The way you are”
8. Anne Gadegaard “Suitcase”
9. Babou – “Manjana”
10. World of Girls – “Summer without you”

This live-blog for the Danish MGP, reached to an end. It was a pleasure to be back in “” for this ‘guest-blogging’! My credits to all the team behind the site and all my best of luck to the Danish entry for 2015. From me, Christos Zervas, a very good night. God natt!

21.57 CET – Time to hear once again the winning song “The way you are”. ‘Anti Social Media’ will fly the Danish flag in May.

21.52 CET – Cecilia Alexandra takes 18 points. The winner will be “Suitcase” or the ‘Anti Social Media’.

Anti Social Media take 48 points and reach up to 104.

Anne Gadegaard wins the televoting with 58 points! However, she stays second with 98 points.

‘Anti Social Media’ take the ticket for Vienna!

21.48 CET – Is time for the final results. The televoting votes are casted the same way, as in the MelodiFestivalen Final.

Half of the voting has been announced and still the top 3 is the same.

21.43 CET – Is about time for last year’s Danish entry: Cliche Love Song performed on stage!

21.38 CET – A small video “tribute” for last year’s representative, Basim. Afterwards, we see Basim on the stage singing “Picture in a frame”.

21.36 CET – The televoting is over.

21.25 CET – Time for the first results from the Danish countys.

County Jury A) 12 points for song #4, Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A”
County Jury B) 12 points for song #7, Anti Social Media – “The way you are”
County Jury C) 12 points for song #7, Anti Social Media – “The way you are”
County Jury D) 12 points for song #7, Anti Social Media – “The way you are”
County Jury E) 12 points for song #7, Anti Social Media – “The way you are”

The top 3 until now is:

The Way You Are – 56 point
Hotel A – 40 point
Suitcase – 40 point

21.20 CET – Time for a recap.

21.15 CET – The presenters give us a little tour and a taste of Vienna. The home city of Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Seems that services will be overprised in May!

21.07 CET – Song #10. World of Girls – “Summer without you”

Do you believe in ‘Girl Power’ after Spice Girls? Well you should give a chance to listen this track. The chemistry between the 4 members is obvious. In everything. Simple yet powerful. Dressed like the girls next doors that beach is their second home. Some good vocals and a summer hit seems feasible. More than that?

21.01 CET – Song #9. Babou – “Manjana”

Time to disembark in Ibiza! Babou was an X-Factor player and his song is the closest ‘Eurovisionar-y’ one. Groovy beat, nice choreography and vocals which set the night on fire – and the crowd in the arena as well. In black and white colours, the Danish edition for a beach party, has some potentials.

20.55 CET – Song #8. Anne Gadegaard “Suitcase”

And variety goes on and beyond fanatsy! Anne, stunning in appearence, was the first ever entry of Denmark in Junior ESC, 2003. Following the example of last year’s Tomacholvy Sisters she comes back with a country lovely sound, a great voice and a partener with his guitar on a… suitcase. Netherlands would love this entry. Where this suitcase will head to?

20.49 CET – Song #7. Anti Social Media – “The way you are”

The name of the band is so clever and catchy that sticks in your head. Just like their song! They have a preety interesting and communicative body language for ‘Anti-Social’. The pop-rock song in a red background and two female backing vocals in the same colour gave a boost to the stage performance. Interesting?

20.43 CET – Song #6. Julie Bjerre“Tæt på mine drømme”

Singing a song created by Lise cabble is a probably a great honor. Julie and her 2 “friends” sing for their dreams. The concept of high-school girls and classmates is a repetitive one through the years of Eurovision. The sound is a bit 80’s, the outfits a bit uncasual but at the end Julie finds her “boy”. Could you see that coming?

20.35 CET – Song #5. Andy Roda – “Love is love”

I am amazed by the variety and diversity of the music kinds tonight. Andy sings a dub-step song, which would have been easily part of David Lindgren’s album. The crowd follows the energy, which always flows through this genre. However, Andy’s vocals and the stardust are not capable to fill the stage. It is kind of bizarre to be supported by solely backing vocalists and not a single dancer.

20.30 CET – Song #4. Cecilie Alexandra – “Hotel A”

Bobby Ljunggren “signs” this Chinese feeling pop song. Cecilie looks very sweet and “girly”. Her voice is exactly what the song needs. The backing vocals and the supportive instruments are in a shape of a circle. The bridge is intersting but the song itself seems to be below our expectations.

20.23 CET – Song #3. Marcel & Soulman Group“Når veje krydses”

Marcel, in a very funky suit, leads the Soulman Group in a jazz-soul sound which is pretty interesting. And innovative for Scandinavia (especially), to be honest. The group’s shades cover the background as well, in a very clever stage performance. Strong “Jamaican style” vocals in a song that Bill Clinton could had played the Sax or simply vote for it. Denmark?

20.15 CET – Song #2. Tina & René “Mi amore” 

Next up is the duet of Tina & Rene. We have to admit that Thomas G:son keeps repeating successfully himself. A catchy Swedish schlager track. Four backing vocalists support the refrain and Tina, who seems to not be in her best vocal moments. Rene is much more confident. Let’s not hide it that the recipe of “In a moment like this” lead the way…

20.10 CET – Song #1. Sara Sukurani – “Love me love me”

The first song of the night is the candidacy of Alex Papakonstantinou. Sara and the 4 dancers in Bollywood outfits, follow the rhytmn, which is in the very well-known paths of ethno-pop. Some good vocals and a dance routine, everything from head to toes travelled us in India. Will Danish “Love it – Love it”?

20.05 CET – The presenters are welcoming us to the show. Velkommen!

20.00 CET – And we are live! Welcome in Aalborg! This is the “Danish Melodi Grand Prix Finale 2015”. The show begins with a small breakdance act, while presenting all the singers in the row of appearence.

19.55 CET – Ladies and gentlemen the countdown is about to begin. Find your self a comfortable place and tune in to ‘’ for the show and our live report. We are almost ready! Five minutes on the clock…

18.45 CET – Smeels like a Eurovision night, tonight. Get ready. Take your beers, make your pop-corn or warm up your pizzas (with or without pineaplle)! We have a party starting at 20.00 CET… Would you join us?

10:35 – Not excited yet? The Danish Public Television (DR) has revamped the national preselection. I guess that Monica Geller never thought her line “Welcome to our Tropical Christmas party” turned (a)live in Eurovision! Well, don’t forget. We are in Scandinavia. Follow us tonight, to find out yourselves…

Stay tuned.