Armenia: Only four remain in Depi Evratesil

The four qualifying artists of Depi Evratesil are known. Next week they will compete once again at the second semifinal. Two of them will qualify to the final stage but only one of them will represent Armenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

For the first time, TV viewers had a say in the results. The qualifying artists have been determined not only by jury members but also by TV viewers. Moreover, the jury has consisted of completely different professionals from that of previous rounds, where the mentoring six judges used to be in the charge of making the choice.

Tonight, at the first semifinal, nine-member professional jury has voted from one to six points giving the highest ones to the most favorite artist. As a result, the top four artists out of six have been determined by 50/50 voting combination of professional jury and TV viewers. Check out their names below:

Marta wins both juries

Marta has been the winner of the night with a total of 97 points. She won with both professional jury getting 48 points and TV viewers getting 49 points. The second was Artsvik with a total of 71 points; getting 32 from jury and 39 from TV viewers. Syuzanna Melkonyan took third place with a total of 67 points; getting 31 from jury and 36 from TV viewers. The list of qualifiers has been concluded by Egine with 58 points; getting 25 from professional jury and 33 from public voting.

Lucy (37 points) and Vahe Aleksanyan (48 points) have therefore been eliminated. Lucy received only 20 from jury and 17 from public viewers. As for Vahe, despite his second place with jury voting (33 points), he came the last with TV viewers, which in its turn, hindered him qualifying for the second semifinal.

The above mentioned four qualifiers will compete once again next Saturday, at the second semifinal of Depi Evratesil. That night, only two of them will make it to the final show.

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  1. Great work 🙂 I cant wait to see if Iveta’s participant does well. All of the jury members have Eurovision experience so its great they have the knowledge there to help them on their journey

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