Doctors forbid Mikolas Josef from doing his backflip

“Don’t do anything stupid”. That’s the advice the doctors gave to the Czech delegation when they allowed Mikolas Josef to leave the hospital this week.

Yesterday, news came out that CT-scans of Mikolas Josef’s back were positive. Because of this, the Czech rehearsal today could take place. Still, this does not mean that the full performance can go on as planned.

Head of Delegation Jan Bors: “The doctors recommendation is: it’s 100% forbidden to do the backflips.” However, when ESCDaily asks him if it is 100% ruled out that the Czech delegation will change its mind, he does not want to answer. It might still happen that Mikolas ignores the doctor’s advice last minute.

Mikolas Josef: “I was very cautious on stage today”

During his first rehearsal, Mikolas Josef hurt his back. It was quite a shock for him. Therefore, it makes sense that during his second rehearsal today, he was feeling nervous. “I was very very cautious today,” Mikolas stated at the press conference.

“I had to hold back a lot. But I needed to know for sure that I wouldn’t hurt myself again. If I hurt myself again and I couldn’t perform… I wouldn’t know what to do.”