FYR Macedonia: Dorijan Dlaka to Yerevan

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Dorijan Dlaka will represent FYR Macedonia at Junior Eurovision this year, with his song “Zhimi Ovoj Frak”. So far, out of eight already chosen participants, he is the first male participant in the international final, which will take place on December 3rd in Yerevan. The national final was not shown on MTV1 due to a speech at the United Nations from the president of the country, but the later stages were shown on the satellite channel. The entire national final will be broadcast on MTV1 and MKTV Sat tomorrow at 17.30 CET.

You can listen to the song below, and the studio version at the bottom of the article:


Fourteen year old Dorijan lives in the capital Skopje. His favourite singers from his home country are Kalopi and Tose Proeski. Dorijan first started singing from a young age, and has participated in many different festivals, including three editions of “Super Zvezda”.

Dorijan is no stanger to Eurovision either. Dorijan placed second in the FYR Macedonian selection in 2008 in a duet with Filipa Bibanovska, performed as a guest in both the Eurovision and Junior Eurovision finals in 2010 and also was a backing dancer for last year’s entrant Anja Veterova in Minsk.

“Zhimi Ovoj Frak” is described as a modern jazz song, which us unique and original. The music and lyrics have been written by Dorijan himself – he also says that he came up with the song’s idea in a ‘strange place’. The song has been arranged by Damir Imeri and recorded in the Tavitјan brothers’ studio in Skopje. Dorijan is accompanied on stage by dancer Dejana Popska. Dorijan also believes that the combination of singing, stage performance and acting has never been seen from FYR Macedonia at Junior Eurovision.

Below you can see the full results of the selection:
1. Ivana Simoska – Vo srcevo: 10 (379) + 7 = 17
2. Gjorgji Gjorgjiev – Igraj: 5 (1) + 8 = 13
3. Teodora Nastoska – Srekja: 7 (134) + 5 = 12
4. Kjara Golja – Novo chuvstvo: 6 (26) + 6 = 12
5. Dorijan Dlaka – Zhimi ovoj frak: 8 (201) + 10 = 18
(Televote + Jury = Total)

You can listen to the studio version here: