DR assigns Executive Producer for ESC 2014

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DR are already making fast commitments & decisions regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 by revealing that the Executive Producer for DR’s production for Eurovision 2014 to be; Pernille Gaardbo.

47-year-old Pernille Gaardbo, has been working for DR for the past 17 years – the last 12 years as Head of DR: Media Services, managing over 220 employees at that time.

She has been responsible for the technical organisation of DR’s biggest TV shows such as Danish Melodi Grand Prix, P3 Gold and X Factor.

Ms. Gaardbo is “excited” to be the Executive Producer and has said:

Having to arrange the Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark is the realization of the ultimate dream of one with my background, she says.

In DR we have never been more ready than now to take on such a task. We have worked systematically to optimize our production over the past few years, so we are fully geared to handle a production of the enormous magnitude of the Eurovision Song Contest is, says Pernille Gaardbo.

More information is available through this article written by DR: http://www.dr.dk/melodigrandprix/Artikler/2013/0521140204