Running order draw: Australia performs in second half of the final

First Semi-Final qualifiers draw in which half of the Grand Final they will compete. — Photo: Andres Putting

Australia will perform in the second half of the Eurovision final. The precise running order will be decided by the KAN and EBU production team, after the results of the second semi final on Thursday are in.

After the press conference for the qualifiers, the artists got their allocation for the Grand Final on Saturday. Five countries received slots in the first half (slot 1-13) and five got a spot in the second half (starting position 15-26), including Australia.

This is what we know so far, after the results of the first semi final in Tel Aviv:
First half, 1-13: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, San Marino, Slovenia
Starting slot 14: Israel
Second half, 15-26: Australia, Belarus, Estonia, France, Iceland, Italy, Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom

Only three slots left in the second half

Which means that for the qualifiers on Thursday, there are three starting positions in the second half left. Therefore, the others will perform in the first half of the show. If you want to get in-depth details on the performances in that second semi final, you can check it out here.