Duncan Laurence: “Just search for that red light, and you’ll be fine”

Duncan Laurence is working to find the right camera at the right time. At the press conference, the Dutch Eurovision representative told ESCDaily that it does not take up all of his energy. “Just search for that red light, and you will be fine!”

“At first, you are looking around and you almost get a bit distracted. Between cameras, stage directors and the chairs in the audience, there is just so much going on! But in the end, I was not distracted anymore. It does not take a lot of energy to do it.”

At the press conference, Duncan made a relaxed impression. He already told ESCDaily before that he has no fear of potential critics.

Watch Duncan Laurence’s press conference video below:

“Slow Down, Brother”; Netherlands has not won Eurovision just yet

Duncan Laurence also received questions about the Eurovision hysteria in his home country. Several cities are already disputing who gets to host Eurovision when they win. However, Duncan does not want to get too far ahead of himself. “Slow down, brother, like Douwe Bob said. We have not won yet!”