Duncan Laurence: “Technical problems with lightbulb will be fixed, do not worry”

Duncan Laurence is confident that the technical problems with the lightbulb in his Eurovision performance will get fixed. “The light will hang on the ceiling. Right now, the production team is figuring out how to hang it, but I trust them fully.”

During today’s rehearsal for “Arcade”, we saw three different runthroughs. The first runthrough, the lightbulb was in front of Duncan Laurence the entire time. The second runthrough, it was not lit, while in the third runthrough, the bulb only went on during the climax of the song.

ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum asked Duncan Laurence: “Will we see the light in front of you during the second week performances?” However, Laurence did not want to answer this just yet: “You will see!”

Duncan Laurence Eurovision 2019 press conference about the staging for “Arcade”

“I’m not nervous. They are professionals, they know what they are doing. I also know what I am doing but I am not so professional with staging. Thankfully Ilse de Lange and Hans Pannecoucke are. So I don’t have to be nervous.”

As for himself, Laurence still needs to work on the way he looks into the camera. He spoke about that too, in the video above. However, he is happy with the footage he saw from his own performances so far. “The light is supposed to represent the hope, which is a theme in my song,” says Laurence. “What I really love is the darkness and soberness that we see already in my performance. If that can be more, it will be even more great.”