Dunja from Serbia: ‘If I can’t be a singer, I will at least still work in music’

Dunja Jeličić is only 12 years old, but already has a bright idea about her future. “If I can’t be a singer, I will at least still work in the music industry,” she tells ESC Daily.

“Everything that has to do with music, I will do something with that. The message of my song is also that music connects people. That is beautiful is some kind of a way. Nothing else can bonds people like that,” Dunja tells. She will perform her song “U La La La”, composed by Vladimir Graić.

RTS confessed that they were looking for a young singer with excellent dancing and communicating skills who would feel very comfortable on Junior Eurovision stage. As a result of some searches, RTS working with Children’s Belgrade Cultural Center (CBCC) finally could make a decision choosing Dunja for the annual contest. The inspiration for her act was based on the same grounds as the Belarus act, including hoverboards. “It is really easy, it gives me positive energy. I saw the video of Belarus on YouTube, we are kind of alike, it is really awesome.”